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Product Description


KCP Construction Grout has been specifically designed for anchor or base plate grouting, under machinery and stanchion plates, grouting rails and bridge bearings, fixing bolts, parapet rails etc. It can also be used in its plastic state as a bedding mortar.

Key Properties 

• Equivalent Sodium Oxide is less than 3.0kg/m³ • High ultimate strength • Shrinkage compensated • Can be used for grouting sections up to 100mm thick • Chloride free • High fluidity – can be pumped or poured


The approximate yield of mixed grout per tonne of dry powder is 0.61m³. The approximate quantity of dry powder required to produce 1m³ of set grout is 1.65 tonnes. This equates to 15.2 litres per 25kg of dry powder. These figures do not allow for site wastage.