Steintec tufftop jointing mortar

Quick Overview

tufftop is a high performance, naturally pure hydraulically bonding mortar. It contains no polymer or resin additives and requires only the addition of water.

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tufftop is a highly plastic, free flowing slurry grout which is easy to use and makes light work of surface cleaning.

tufftop penetrates even the most irregular joints and cavities and fills joint widths as small as 3 mm. Surplus applied water is displaced naturally and the mortar rapidly thickens before curing commences.

tufftop is shrinkage compensated, reducing the risks of failure associated with building permanent stress into bound paving, The inevitable result of excessive shrinkage, often caused by polymer and resin additives.

The elastic modulus of tufftop is optimised to provide the correct supporting stiffness whilst continually absorbing the thermal and dynamic stresses inherent in bound pavements.

tufftop complies with, or exceeds, the performance requirements of British Standards BS7533-7 & BS7533-12 Standards for Modular Paving.

Storage life: Twelve months in dry conditions (mortar can last longer if stored in moisture free conditions. Product remaining in a dry powder form continues to be fit for use)

Ensure thorough mixing: tufftop should be mixed in a plastic dustbin, or large mixing bucket using a powerful spiral mixing paddle, or more-effective electric twin paddle mixer. Alternatively use a forced action paddle mixer. In all cases, make sure the grout is mixed thoroughly with water until it becomes a smooth lump-free blend.

tufftop is supplied as a pre-mixed dry product packed in moisture resistant bags and is available in four standard colours: Natural Grey; Mid Grey; Dark Grey and Beige.