Steintec tuffbond priming mortar

Quick Overview

tuffbond is a high performance bonding and priming mortar suitable for natural stone and precast concrete paving slabs and setts laid in all traffic conditions. It enhances the adhesion bond between bedding mortars and both paving elements and supporting concrete structures/roadbase.

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Where to use tuffbond

A coating of tuffbond between 1 and 2 mm thick beneath each paving element will ensure maximum contact with the aggregate particles within the bedding mortar, transferring tensile and shear forces via the very high adhesion bond resulting in exceptional performance.

If the bedding is to be laid on a concrete base, or supporting concrete structure, a 1-2 mm layer of tuffbond priming mortar should be applied to the base before the bedding mortar is placed on it, to improve performance further.

How to use tuffbond

If tuffbond is being applied to the base ahead of the bedding mortar, make sure all loose debris is swept clear before the primer is mixed. The same applies to the pavers, which should be clean and individually wiped with a damp sponge to remove any dust or particles that could affect the adhesion performance.

To prepare tuffbond, empty the 25kg bag into a bucket, and using a cordless drill with a spiral mixing paddle or twin paddle mixer, add up to approx. 8 litres of water mixing thoroughly to form a thick, smooth paste. Smaller quantities can be mixed if preferred.

With a working life of around 30 minutes at 20oC, the material may start to settle in the bucket. This can be avoided by stirring it once or twice after application to each paver, and if necessary, refreshed by adding an occasional splash of extra water. It is important that the primer is always in the form of a smooth paste before it is applied.

Apply a 1 -2 mm layer of primer to the concrete base using a stiff brush, and place the bedding at once, before the primer has had a chance to dry or skin.

The paving units should each be coated generously with a 1-2 mm layer of tuffbond using a stiff brush, no more than a minute or so before they are laid firmly into position, particularly in hot and dry conditions.

tuffbond MUST not be allowed to skin or dry before being applied
DO NOT apply tuffbond more than 1 minute before its contact with bedding