Steintec tuffbed 2-pack bedding mortar

Quick Overview

tuffbed 2-pack is a high performance, naturally pure hydraulic bonding mortar.

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Bedding depths of between 25mm and 70mm can be placed in a single layer. Depths of up to 140mm can be achieved by placing successive layers. Ideal versatility and workability is achieved with a minimum layer thickness of 30mm.

tuffbed 2-pack is shrinkage compensated, reducing the risks of failure associated with building permanent stress into new pavement structures, the inevitable result of excessive shrinkage, often caused by polymers and other admixtures.

The elastic modulus of tuffbed 2-pack is optimised to provide the correct supporting stiffness whilst continually absorbing the thermal and dynamic stresses inherent in all pavement structures.

tuffbed 2-pack complies with or exceeds the performance requirements of BS7533- 7 & BS7533-12 in ALL respects, unlike some competitive products, which do not remain fully water permeable or frost resistant after they have fully cured.

Typical water to add approx. 4 to 7 litres per 125 kg batch of bagged product, depending on desired slump for particular application. BS7533-4 recommends a 150 mm slump when laying paving slabs.

Storage life is nominally twelve months from date of manufacture in dry conditions, though mortar will last substantially longer and continue to meet its performance specifications if stored in moisture free conditions, and product remains in a dry powder form that appears fit for use. After long periods, the material settles and can feel solid to the touch, though will remain useable.

tuffbed 2-pack is supplied as a bagged dry product packed in moisture resistant bags, to be mixed on site with a dedicated approved aggregate; both products are delivered together.

Where an enhanced adhesion bond is required for certain applications, the coating of surfaces using tuffbond priming mortar is recommended for use together with tuffbed 2-pack.