RonaScreed Mortar and Concrete

Quick Overview

Rapid strength gain low temperature mortar and fine concrete floor screeds

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• pre-packed formulations offer assurance of consistent high performance
• ready for foot traffic after 6 hours (Concrete) or 12 hours (Mortar)
• rapid drying—can receive floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles and carpet after 2-3 days @ 50mm
• rapid early strength development, ready for vehicle traffic after 6 hours (Concrete) or 24 hours (Mortar)
• excellent wear resistance
• unbonded and floating screeds from 35mm minimum thickness
• improved compressive, flexural and tensile strength
• compatible with underfloor heating systems

RonaScreed Mortar is a rapid strength gain mortar for laying floor screeds,repairing floor surfaces and rapid set bedding applications for bricks, blocks, kerbs and compatible building components. RonaScreed Concrete is a rapid strength gain fine concrete for laying floor toppings, repairing floor surfaces and rapid set concrete applications.
RonaScreed Mortar and Concrete are used where speed of strength gain and/or rapid reduction of residual moisture and humidity are of importance. Floors laid or repaired with RonaScreed Mortar can be fully trafficked as early as 12 hours after mixing; RonaScreed Concrete can be trafficked after 6 hours. The speed of RonaScreed Mortar and Concrete make them ideal for floor renewal or renovation in factories, offices, shops, warehouses, on ramps, in distribution depots and in domestic premises where floors must be reinstated with minimum disruption and delay. As well as offering rapid strength gain they are strong and durable and capable of achieving 28 day strengths within hours. Their formulation also allows them to be applied at minimum temperatures of 0°C facilitating external work during cold weather and in freezer rooms and cold stores. For sub-zero repairs refer to RonaFloor Repair 1 Hour range.


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