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polymer modified cement based slurry

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Larsen Streetscape PS is a polymer modified cement based slurry specifically designed to meet the recommended performance characteristics of BS7533 parts 4, 7 & 12. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected aggregates, cements, and synthetic polymers and only requires the addition of water to produce a high quality priming slurry for use to improve bond strengths of natural stone setts and cobbles, flags, concrete and clay pavers to Larsen Streetscape FBC.

The substrate (including sub-base and road base) should meet the requirements of the relevant part of BS7533 dependent on the type and level of traffic. All substrates must be suitable to receive the bedding as per current good working practices. All substrates for bonded constructions should be clean and thoroughly sound and free from oils, grease, dust, loose particles or any other contaminants which may interfere with adhesion. They should be pre-soaked but free from standing water.
Larsen Streetscape PS may be applied to the base immediately prior to laying the Streetscape FBC bedding layer. (This is not a requirement of the British Standard). All paving units must be primed with Streetscape PS immediately prior to placing on the Streetscape FBC bedding layer.
Add ~26% water, i.e. approx. 6.5 L of water per 25kg bag to achieve the desired workability. Mix with a suitable mechanical mixer for a minimum of 3 minutes. Please note Streetscape PS is designed to be used at a semi-fluid consistency at the above water ratios. If more water is added, the hardened properties of the product will be reduced. Do not try to remix or wet-up PS which has ‘gone off’.
Streetscape PS can be applied by stiff brush at a thickness of 1-2mm. When priming the base, the priming slurry should be fresh and wet when the Streetscape FBC is applied. When priming paving slabs, this should take place immediately prior to their placement on the Streetscape FBC bedding layer.
Streetscape PS should not be used in unbound or flexible constructions. Streetscape PS should only be used in bound/rigid constructions. In adverse weather conditions, paving should not be laid or jointed if the temperature is below 3°C on a falling temperature or below 1°C on a rising thermometer. The surface of paving or substrate should not be frozen before priming and fresh primer should be protected from inclement weather or freezing until sufficient strength is achieved for damage not to occur. Movement joints may be required in rigid/bound constructions and should b e laid out in the design stage.
The information and recommendations above are given in good faith based on our current knowledge and experience of the products when properly stored, handled and applied in accordance with current best practice, national standards and our recommendations. As we have no control over site conditions or methods of application, no liability can be derived from the contents of this information sheet, or from any written recommendations, or from any other advice offered. The user of the product is solely responsible for the product’s suitability for the intended application and is recommended to test the suitability prior to use. We reserve the right to change the properties of our products without notice. All orders are sold subject to our current terms of sale and delivery. With the publication of this Technical Information Sheet all previous editions are no longer valid.
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