Kespatch EM41

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Solvent free epoxy mortar having excellent adhesion, strength and chemical resistance.

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DESCRIPTION Kespatch EM41 is a solvent free epoxy mortar having excellent adhesion, strength and chemical resistance.
USES Kespatch EM41 is ideal as a general repair mortar for repairs to spalled or damaged concrete and as a general adhesive.
Specific Gravity 1.8
Volume Solids 100%
Pot Life 1 hour
Application Temperature 5ºC to 30ºC
Tack Free 5 hours
Full cure 7days
Tensile strength 35 MPa
Compressive Stength > 60 MPa after 7days
@ 20ºC
Adhesion to concrete > 3 MPa (cohesive
failure of concrete)
Application Thicness Min – 3mm, Max 50mm
on Horizonal surfaces.
25mm max on vertical
Chemical Resistance Kespatch EM41 has an excellent chemical resistance against aqueous media, dilute organic acids, alkalis. Moderate resistance against alcohols and certain chlorinated hydrocarbons
SURFACE PREPARATION The substrate must be clean and free from laitence, grease oil or any other contaminant which may impair adhesion. The substrate must be mechanically abraded down to sound concrete.
Primers are not normally required but on very porous concrete use Kesfloor EPP

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2.75 Litres per 5kg Kit (5.5m2 @ 5mm thickness approx.)

Pack Sizes

Kespatch EM41 is a two pack system packed in 5kg Tubs. Larger pack sizes are available upon request. Subject to minimum quantity.


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