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CELLA-COTE is a two pack, solvent free epoxy resin, surface applied damp proof membrane and primer.

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CELLA-COTE has been developed as a primer system for concrete and for use in applications where high moisture levels are  present. It  can also be used as a surface applied  damp proof membrane for  suppressing residual moisture on concrete and masonry walls and floors.



Can be applied to damp concrete.


Will    provide    excellent    adhesion    even   when applied to damp concrete.


Provides an integral surface applied damp proof membrane.         Independent                tests                 show CELLA-COTE     will    resist    10    bar    negative pressure (equivalent to 100 metre head of water).


Solvent free. Can be used in food environments.


Allows the early application of screeds or coatings onto new concrete.


In constructions compliant with British Standard

Code of Practice BS 8102:1990 Grades 2 – 4

Type    A    (Tanked    Protection).    Note.    A    full assessment  of the structural capabilities of the building must be conducted in accordance with BS 8102 to include ground water levels.


Colour Blue
Density 1.1 gm/cc
Bond strengths:

30n concrete


Concrete failure

Compressive Strength 109N/mm DIN 1164



40 N/mm

Tensile Strength 41 N/mm

Bond Strength to Steel

Rusty Steel under water 4.4 N/mm
Bond Strength to


Stronger than concrete
Pot Life 25 mins @ 20ºC



5ºC to 35ºC




Typically 3 – 4 m2/L


Pack Sizes


5 Litre kits

*   Coverage     is     calculated     from     practical experience on common building substrates such as brick & concrete but will be greatly reduced on very porous surfaces, such as block work.

METHOD OF USE Surface Preparation

Concrete and cementitious surfaces must be free from laitance, dust, oil or grease residues, with an open            textured      surface.    Vacuum    controlled blasting is recommended.

If acid etching has been used, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all residues.

Although the product can be applied to a damp substrate,   any  standing  water  must  first   be removed and the surface wiped dry.

If the mortar is in poor condition you will need to re-point  to  ensure that  the  membrane adheres effectively and permanently.


Add the complete contents of the B Pack to the A Pack and mix thoroughly with a slow speed drill and paddle for at least two minutes. Do not mix by hand or part mix packs.


Pour  the  mixed    CELLA-COTE into one or more roller trays, and apply by brush or roller  evenly to the surface, ensuring that the applied   coating  is  continuous  and  free  from pinholes, and at the recommended coverage rate of 3 – 4 m2/L.  When cured (8 – 36 hours at 20 C) apply a second   coat of CELLA-COTE by brush or roller  evenly to the surface at right angles to the first.

Note:   CELLA-COTE must  be applied within 25 minutes of mixing, and at high  ambient temperatures this time can be even shorter. To maximise application time pour mixed  CELLA-COTE into  roller trays as soon as mixing is complete.



Epoxy Resin Screeds should be applied whilst the second coat of CELLA-COTE is tacky (approx. 4 – 8 hours after application).

Walls & Floors:

Epoxy Coatings can be applied 24 hours (minimum) after applying the second coat of CELLA-COTE Other screeds, paints, dry lining etc. can be applied after the second coat has become tack free, this is usually after 8 hours (minimum).


Water based paints and adhesives: (includes dab and board plaster) must be applied within 48 hours of applying the second coat of CELLA-COTE.

Plaster Skim: If waiting more than 24 hours before applying a plaster skim blind the second coat of CELLA-COTE with sand while it is still tacky.

We also recommend that adequate ventilation of the cellar and any cavity behind dry lining is provided to minimise condensation.


WARNING: Care must be taken not to puncture the membrane during subsequent fixing operations.

If installation of electrics or fixings is planned, we

recommend that the surface is dry lined with dab and board and a plaster fix or drylining back box is attached to the board. If the area is to be used

as a kitchen area a 2 inch gap between the board and wall on which your cooker will be placed is necessary, as this is the depth of the relevant back box. In all other rooms a 1 inch gap is sufficient.


Expansion joints should not be bridged with   CELLA-COTE.  These  must  be sealed with           a suitable               impervious jointing compound, after application of the surface damp proof membrane.

Cleaning of Tools

Immediately after use, clean all tools and mixing equipment with a suitable solvent cleaner.


CELLA-COTE must be stored in cool dry conditions away from moisture or direct sunlight. The product will have a shelf life of 12 months,   when  stored  in  these  conditions  in original, unopened containers.


Please refer to the product Health & Safety Data Sheet for detailed information regarding the use and handling of this product.



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