Geocel LM

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Geocel Low Modulus Silicone Sealant for External Sealing Applications

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Description Geocel LM Silicone Sealant is a one-part sealant, which has been specifically developed for use by the sealant contractor. It has good adhesion to a range of non-porous substrates including glass, aluminium and painted wood.

Benefits ƒ

Neutral cure, No slump ƒ

Specifically developed for the Sealant Applicator ƒ

Low modulus, high elasticity ƒ

Low odour ƒ

Resistant to ultra-violet radiation and temperature extremes ƒ

Conforms to ISO 11600 25LM ƒ

Improved low temperature gunning, with good tooling characteristics. ƒ

Excellent adhesion to both porous and non porous substrates

ƒ High movement capability

ƒ Low dirt pick up ƒ

Extended colour range to be added ƒ

Colours available: White, Clear, Black, Mid Grey, Bronze, Brown, Buff, Anthrazite, Brick Red ƒ Pack Size: 380ml Cartridges, 400ml sausages (Sherwood, Rosewood, Brown, & Bronze only)

APPLICATION Ensure that surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry, sound and free from frost. Clean all joints of release agents, water repellents, laitance, dust, dirt, old sealants and other contaminants, which could impair adhesion. Nonporous surfaces should be cleaned and degreased by wiping with a suitable solvent such as Geocel Surface Cleaner on an oil and lint-free cloth before application of the sealant. Porous substrates should be mechanically cleaned using a steel brush, sanding disc or any similar means. Note: When using any solvent, always provide adequate ventilation. Avoid heat, sparks and open flames. Use solvent resistant gloves. Observe and follow all precautions listed on solvent container label.


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