Ardex A46

Multi-Purpose Repair Mortar

• Ideal for the rapid repair of damaged concrete
• Sets within 30 minutes
• Slump free – ideal for wall and floor repairs
• Apply from 2mm to 50mm thick
• For internal and external use
• Easy to smooth and float
• Shrinkage compensated, and crack free

ARDEX A 46 is a rapid repair, slump free mortar which is ideal for external and internal repairs. The polymer modified mortar sets and hardens rapidly to give a repair of high performance, strength and hardness.

ARDEX A 46 is ideal for the rapid repair and refacing of concrete surfaces. ARDEX A 46 should only be used for the non-structural repair of concrete.
ARDEX A 46 can be used for:
• Filling cracks, gaps and holes.
• Repairing and refacing of concrete stairtreads and risers
• Damaged brickwork (not lightweight concrete)
• Damaged wall renders
• Making good on wall chases
• Filling and patching cracks in walls and floors
• Making good around pipework, door and window frames
• Forming ramps from 2mm to 30mm in thickness
• Forming coves
• Repair soffits, beams and lintels

ARDEX A 46 may also be used as a wearing surface in lightly trafficked areas.

ARDEX A 46 can be applied to dry or moist concrete, render, screeds and similar cement based surfaces providing they are hard and the surface is sound and free of dust, grease,
oil and other barriers to adhesion. Priming is not usually necessary on concrete, cement/
sand, renders and screeds, brickwork etc, unless the surface is extremely porous.
On absorbent substrates, the mortar must be initially applied firmly as a thin layer, (scratch coat) to achieve good adhesion before applying the mortar to the required thickness, fresh in fresh.
Worn or trafficked surfaces should be mechanically prepared to remove contamination and expose a clean and uncontaminated surface to ensure good adhesion.

Approximately 4m2 at 2mm thick per 11kg bag.
Approximately 1.8m2 at 2mm thick per 5kg bag.
1.4kg powder/m2/mm.
An 11kg bag of ARDEX A 46 will produce approximately 8 litres of mortar.
A 5kg bag of ARDEX A 46 will produce approximately 3.6 litres of mortar.

Please Click here to View Ardex A46 Datasheet