Arbosil XL1099

Arbosil XL 1099 – One Part Non-Staining Silicone Sealant

Specifically designed for use against Marble, Granite, Pre Cast Concrete and other sensitive natural or manmade substrates where other sealants may cause staining. Also recommended for perimeter sealing on curtain walling and perimeter sealing of polyester powder coated and UpvcU frames when the abutting substrate is a natural stone.

Joints in Natural Stone
NB – It is strongly recommended that Arbosil XL1099 is tested against the stone before application.

Not recommended

  • Floor Joints over 6mm
  • Overpainting

Arbosil XL1099 is supplied in polyethylene 380ml cartridges and can be applied into the joint using an Arbo Caulking Gun.

Joint Size Suitability
Joint Width
Minimum 6mm
Maximum 25mm (single application); 50mm (multiple applications)
Joint Depth
Minimum 10mm on porous substrates
Minimum 6mm on non-porous substrates
Maximum 15mm

25 x 380ml Polyethylene Cartridges per box. Polyethylene Nozzles
are included in each box.
White, Black, Grey, Anthracite, Limestone, Buff, Portland, Rustic
Red, Terracotta (Special colours can be made to order subject to
minimum batch size quantities. Please contact Adshead Ratcliffe
Technical Services Department for further information).

Joint preparation
The joint surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all contamination.
The surfaces should be degreased using the appropriate Arbo
Cleaner. Primers may be required on some substrates. It is
recommended that Adshead Ratcliffe Technical Services Department
should be consulted and advice obtained with regard to the choice of
primer for specific purposes.
Joint Backing
Where applicable, appropriate joint filler e.g. closed cell polyethylene
foam, should be used to provide the correct joint depth.
All joint preparation, priming, and sealant application should be
carried out in accordance with BS 8000 Part 16, the British Standard
for the sealing of joints in buildings using sealants.