Fosroc Nitoprime 33

Primer for Cemtop Range of cementitious floor levelling compounds.

Nitoprime 33 is the recommended primer for the Cemtop range of cementitious self-levelling floor toppings applied to concrete and cementitious substrates. The primer seals the substrate preventing the release of air by the concrete that could form bubbles in the flooring compound. In addition, it “wets” the substrate, improves adhesion between the substrate and the flooring compound and prevents the Cemtop drying out.

Excellent adhesion to concrete and cementitious substrates.
Excellent water resistance by the formation of a film.
Economical, easy to use without limited pot life.

Nitoprime 33 is a water-based emulsion of styrene-acrylic copolymers formulated to achieve specific characteristics. It is supplied as a single component white liquid.
For most applications, both industrial and commercial, two layers of primer are recommended. If the substrate is extremely porous, a third layer may be required.

The Cemtop application is a specialized activity. It requires the use of an approved applicator, who is knowledgeable about the product and who uses equipment approved by Fosroc. Before carrying out the application, the product data sheet should be read carefully, explaining in detail the procedure for priming and subsequent application of the Cemtop

Nitoprime 33
The first application will be made when the concrete substrate has been properly prepared and cleaned. Nitoprime 33 is diluted 1: 5 (primer: water by volume). Apply with a brush, roller, squeegee or by spraying.
The second coat is applied with the primer diluted 1: 3 when the first coat is dry. If the substrate is excessively porous, it may be necessary to prime it a third time with the primer diluted at
a ratio of 1: 3. Puddling should be avoided because this may impair adhesion.

During application, the area should be well ventilated to accelerate drying of the primer. Application of Cemtop can be carried out as soon as the primer is dried.
All tools and equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use. If the material has hardened, it should be mechanically cleaned, or with a solution of Fosroc Acid Etch
Nitoprime 33 is suitable for use on sound concrete and cementitious substrates which are free of contamination and have been suitably prepared. It should not be used on concrete contaminated with oil or having previous paint residue.
Nitoprime 33 and Cemtop should not be applied if the surface or substrate temperature is below 10°C or the ambient temperature during application is below 10°C within 48 hours thereafter.