Fosroc Cemtop GP

A medium duty floor surfacing system suitable for use in areas which will be subject to foot traffic or light commercial use.

Also suitable for use as a heavy duty underlayment for the preparation of floor surfaces before the application of tiles, carpet, vinyl, etc.

Cemtop GP: A general purpose self-levelling underlayment before the application of floor finishes or Cemtop XD. Cemtop GP is also suitable as a floor finish for foot traffic or light commercial areas.

Very fast application, enables large areas of floor to be completed in a working day
Can be applied directly onto concrete floors, eliminates traditional sand-cement screeds
Dimensionally stable, can be installed in large areas
Rapid hardening and curing allows speedy return to service for foot traffic and overlaying with carpets, tiles, etc., where appropriate
One-pack product eliminates on-site batching and ensures consistency of mixed product

Cemtop products consist of a blend of selected cements and aggregates modified with polymers and flow agents.
The products are supplied as a powder requiring only the addition of water to produce a self-smoothing, free flowing material.
The products are used in conjunction with Nitoprime 33

Dual layer — Cemtop XD and Cemtop GP
Where a heavy duty, hiighly abrasion resistant finish is requireduse Cemtop GP as base layer, toped with Cemtop XD.
Thoroughly prepare the floor surface.
Prime the surface with Nitoprime 33 (1: 5 primer to water ratio by volume) and allow to dry.
Re-prime the surface with Nitoprime 33 (1: 3 primer to water ratio by volume) and allow to dry.
Apply Cemtop GP to the required thickness onto the dry, primed surface.
At the onset of initial set, abrade the surface with a stiff bristle broom to provide a mechanical key for the next layer.
When hardened, prime Cemtop GP with Nitoprime 33 (1: 3 primer to water ratio by volume).
Apply Cemtop XD to the primed Cemtop GP.
If Cemtop XD is not applied the same day as Cemtop GP then the hardened Cemtop GP should be primed on the day of application and primed again prior to the application of Cemtop
XD or Cemtop GP (both at 1: 3 water: primer ratio by volume).