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Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

Waterproofing of structures is necessary to exclude or retain water or other aqueous liquids. This may be achieved by integral waterproofing of the building elements e.g. waterproof concrete or by incorporating a continuous membrane externally or internally. The choice of system will depend on a number of factors including degree of watertightness required, condition of the structure, intended use of the structure, type of finish required, time permitted for the installation and last but not least cost. Kestral supply most of the systems available from the leading manufacturers in the construction industry.

Integral Waterproofing Admixtures

Used for tanking domestic or commercial underground rooms, vaults, cellars or may be included in the building material or new structures subjected to hydrostatic water pressure without the necessity of waterbars or external membranes. The admixture is normally an aqueous solution containing complex colloidal silicates. In the presence of water these swell and block the capillaries and pores in the applied sand/cement renders, screeds and mortars to provide and effective barrier against the transmission of liquid water.

Waterplug Compound/ Admixture

A range of products are available for temporary sealing of high or low pressure water infiltrations through concrete, rock or brickwork. The setting times of these products may vary from as little as 15 seconds to 5 minutes but are not suitable as a permanent repair. Must be overlaid with a waterproof mortar. Compounds require the addition of water. Admixtures require the addition of cement.

Brush on Cementitious Coatings

Suitable for waterproofing /damp-proofing internal and external concrete, renderings, brickworks and blockwork. May be used on basement and cellar walls.

Trowelled Thin Section Renders

Suitable for waterproofing /damp-proofing internal and external concrete, renderings, brickworks and blockwork. May be used on basement and cellar walls.


May be liquid or precured sheets applied to the external faces of below ground construction to form an effective barrier to ground water penetration. Can also be used on internal faces with subsequent rendered protection. Gas resistant (Methane) sheet membranes are available.

PVC Waterbars

Designed to be incorporated in the construction process to prevent water ingress though joints by forming a physical barrier. There are a wide range of these waterbars to suit varying requirements, internally & externally placed construction/expansion joints and circular or rectangular constructions. Constructed from high quality PVC and eyeletted flanges for fixing securely to structure. A range of intersection pieces are available to suit all configurations and layouts. All necessary jigs and heat knives are available.

Hydrophillic Water Bars and Sealants

Swellable waterstops for in-situ concrete. These swell on contact with water providing an in-situ watertight seal. The sealant can be used as a problem solving hydrophilic sealant in areas with access difficulties.

Damp-Proof Membrane

Polythene sheet membrane for use in solid concrete ground floors to protect buildings against water from the ground by providing an effective barrier against, liquid or water vapour. Available in 250mu, 300mu, 500mu thicknesses. Radon barriers also available.


Damp Proof Course

Designed to provide a total waterproofing solution to the diverse details required within the damp proofing of brick/block stonework for both solid and cavity wall construction. Various widths and grades available.

Bitumen Paints

A high quality black bitumen which gives anti-corrosive protection to all types of metal and wood. Will not taint drinking water.


Dimpled membranes used to collect ground water from around waterproofed structures and to channel it to an appropriate drainage system.  

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